AFA Special Edition Contest Winning Entries

*Entries have been edited for clarity

My best AFA was AFA 2018. Before 2018, I mostly went to AFA for the different booths and left soon afterwards. However, for 2018, I decided to stay for a while more and ended up checking out the different segments on the AKIBA Stage. I remember suddenly big speakers were brought out and a DJ came on stage (DJ Caesar for Weekly Shounen JUMP 50th Anniversary BEST ANIME MIX segment), and it was an amazing moment. That short segment felt so much longer than it was, due to the energy created in the air. If I hadn't stayed and seen what AKIBA Stage had to offer, I would have missed out on even more segments in 2019, and maybe even regret not checking everything out, since later it would be the last offline event before the pandemic hit.


It definitely has to be AFA 2018. It will always be my most memorable AFA experience and I hold it close to my heart! It was the year of my O Levels, so I was super excited for the event because I was finally FREE! I went with my classmate, who was attending for the first time. I had introduced an otome game to her earlier that year, and she had become a huge fan. The game company had set up a booth that year, so we could finally get merch 😀 Additionally, they had a "kabedon" fan service with the celebrity cosplayer we were fans of! The whole day, we hung out at the booth and even got the merch we wanted of our favourite character! It was the most enjoyable AFA for me as the both of us screamed our hearts out. It was also my first time attending I LOVE ANISONG, not to mention we showed up on the AFA summary video which ended up on TV! Thank you, AFA for hosting such fun events and I look forward to the next convention! <3


Every AFA has been special in its own way but if I had to pick one, it would have to be for the year 2019. It was a memorable year, as it was the only time when all of my friends manages to attend the event. But unbeknownst to us, it was the last time we actually gathered together for AFA. Some of them went back to their countries, and others went on to pursue their career. Looking back, AFA 2019 was like a final memorable moment, which truly left us with nostalgic feels, from the moment we entered the halls to attending the concerts. All in all, I hope that in the future my friends and I can gather together again for another AFA Event! 🙂


AFA12 was the most memorable for me. I never had friends who had the same interest as me prior to 2012. The year 2012 changed that for me, and AFA12 was the first AFA event I had attended with friends of the same interests. I never had the chance to attend other events, and AFA12 was an eye-opener for me. The exhibitions, the cosplays, and the concerts were something that far exceeded my imagination prior to 2012. I barely had any sleep during the whole event, but I was still full of energy, very excited, and looking forward to being at the event location from its opening time until it closes. Volks Inc was present that year too, and it pained me that I did not have the money to purchase a doll back then. Anyway, here I am, many years later, able to purchase what I have dreamed of buying as an otaku, and have the financial freedom to travel to Japan to attend events like Comiket. However, I am and will always still look forward to and attend AFA, as there is always something to look forward to at the event.


The best AFA experience for me will definitely be the year 2016 when I attended the event for the very first time together with a friend of mine. My first experience was extremely overwhelming but In a good way. The crowd, the ambience, and the vibe were something that I wasn't prepared for. Queuing up right before the gates opened and rushing into the convention hall, being bombarded by both the visuals and sounds, was an experience that can never be replicated anywhere else. I remember touring the event booths and panels over and over again until nightfall just to experience all that AFA had to offer. AFA Day Stage was definitely one of my favourites. Ever since I have revisited AFA every year without fail, and it was usually the highlight of my year. Overall, AFA holds a very special place in my heart, being the very first anime event that I have attended, where I made multiple new friends and bonded with them through the event. Looking forward to the return of the physical event soon! Cheers 🍻


AFA 2019 was my best AFA, as that is the last AFA before the COVID-19 pandemic. It was the first time I went with my girlfriend. It was also the year where ONE PIECE start on their Wa no Kuni Arc, and they had the Ichiban Kuji ONE PIECE Wa no Kuni Act 1. We had fun playing that kuji!

The best AFA for me was the very first AFA. Seeing Singapore's first big anime-centric convention, and being excited to behold all of Japan's wonderful otaku culture! We rushed through the Suntec hall's double doors as soon as it opened, our gang each going to a specific shop, as we had laid out during our pre-convention battle plan, to grab all the limited edition merchandise we all needed for each other! Teamwork makes the dream work, in other words, We Are Fighting Dreamers!

Cleon Wong VGD

Every year was the best AFA, as there's always various events that everyone can participate in. The most important thing was coming together with friends for a whole 3 days, having fun, taking a small rest from the weary days of work or school, and of course, spending money on what we love the most!


The best AFA to me was AFASG 2019. I was there the whole three days and had helped out my friend in the Creators Hub as well! This one is more special to me as I get to play around and enjoy myself a lot! I started going to AFA in 2016, and have slowly learned more about anime. Due to that, I missed many opportunities to meet artistes that I have grown to like, such as Wake Up Girls and fripside. In 2019, I get to meet people that I have admired for a long time, and also learn a lot more about AFA while helping my friend! Here's to all the backstage crew members who make all these work and I hope AFA will come back as fast and safely as possible.


It was 2019! It was the only AFA that I could attend for the whole of Day 1. Previous years were messed up by school. But the highlight for me would have to be Day 2, when we got to see Arisa Komiya (all the Love Live! Sunshine!! fans wanted it), Ai Kayano, and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka in person. We had to really camp for seats to get good positions!


I have been to every physical AFA since the beginning, however, 2015 AFA meant the most to me. I was finally able to watch Lia's concert, whose songs in the Key series totally helped me back in my teenage years. In addition, Aimer's emotional songs just added the cherry on top of the cake. It was also the year Takamatsu Sakurai visited and promised more idols coming to Singapore, like Morning Musume, however, the year ended sadly with his demise. AFASG2015 struck me as one of the most memorable and emotional AFA years for me.


The best AFA was 2018! It was the first time I attended AFA and OMG the concerts and performances were so bomb!


Perhaps the best AFA I have experienced would be AFA 2015 Singapore at Suntec City. This is the AFA where I truly immersed myself into the world of anime and was ready to splurge and conquer the festival. I remember dragging my friend along with me to watch performances, cosplay competitions and purchase merchandise from booths. What truly made it stand out was the wide range of artists and animes showcased that were some of my favourite even until this day. Stage shows for "Is the Order a Rabbit?" and "One Punch Man" made me scream at the moe and manliness being showcased. Afterwards, the concerts by the artists such as bless4, Honeyworks, ZAQ were amazing, and the performances by Aimer, GARNiDELiA, Lia and nano really made that event so fun -- singing along with fellow anime enthusiasts, and tearing up at the bittersweet songs. The highlight for me was seeing my two favourite seiyuu, Ayana Taketatsu and Maaya Uchida -- being able to see my oshi in person was the cherry on top.
Jun Kai

My best and only AFA was the ILAMY 2019, and it was an event close to my heart, as it gave me the opportunity to get together with fellow fans in the biggest Anisong event ever held in Malaysia. Among the esteemed performers, all of which are a treat to the ears, I have been a big fan of Haruna Luna since her debut in Fate/Zero. Being Malaysian and a teen at the time, having the rare, golden opportunity to watch my favourite artist perform live cemented it as a memorable highlight of my life. The atmosphere and solidarity among the audience throughout the concert were surreal and were like nothing I’ve felt. In retrospect, ILAMY 2019 would also be the last physical event I attended before the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm, and the longing to return to the days of physical events burns strongly within me. I will certainly be back in full force to attend them after the pandemic, ready to travel be it locally or across the causeway now that I am older and more independent!

AFA Station this year has been my best AFA, as it's the first anime-related event I've been able to attend (even virtually) in the past four years. The sheer excitement of feeling the hype with other people in the community, as well as watching special guests all come together through our shared love for anime, manga, games, cosplay and Japanese culture, is indescribable. Especially after prolonged periods of physical isolation throughout the lockdowns, I've really missed this feeling. I'm also a fan of Kureiji Ollie so it's extra special to me, to see her in a sort-of local event! I'm really grateful to the team behind AFA for going to all the effort to set this up. It might not be the real thing, but it definitely gives us audience a taste of that thrill and warmth that we've so missed out on while enjoying it safely from our homes. Looking forward to more AFAs to come, along with hope for a better future!

Every AFA is a memorable ritual for me because I would meet long-lost friends, and get to catch up and chill with them while enjoying the cosplay.

2018 was my best AFA to date as it was one of my most memorable experiences, with AFA celebrating their 10th anniversary too! It was special to me as it was my 3rd year participating in the AFA event as a patron, ever since I became a fan of anime through my crush, and some famous anime movies like "Your Name."! I had lots of fun there -- enjoying the event, games, and merchandise sold and made available during the event. I also learnt more about the amazing world of Anime, Manga, Japan pop culture, as well as the fantastic variety of food you could try in Japan, and the memorable places you could visit for leisure tours and anime exploring through AFA. I keep expanding my knowledge about it every year! I would definitely love to be back at AFA once again, when the COVID-19 situation improves, and when events are being allowed to be held again! Can't wait to be back and hope to win some prizes during this hiatus period!


The best one for me was the 2nd AFA in 2009, which I have many fond memories of. I recall visiting the Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe with my friend and having our picture taken with the maids while making a heart pose. I also remembered watching the cosplay contest and so many amazing cosplayers displayed their costumes, which they passionately and meticulously crafted. The live dubbing of a "K-On!" scene was something I thoroughly enjoyed as well, seeing the voice actresses work their magic alongside the anime was impressive to witness firsthand. The end of the day concerts too is something that I will never forget. Especially when May'n and Ichirou Mizuki sang duet together, and when he sang "Mazinger Z" and the crowd would shout and scream along "ZETTO". I dream of having offline events and attending AFA in person again.


I first attended AFA back in 2010 when I was still a student. At that time, I couldn't manage to afford much and was just looking around, taking in the experience of going to an anime convention. It was only until 2018 that I managed to save enough money to afford to get the concert tickets. That was the best AFA for me as that was the first concert I have ever watched, as well as being able to cheer and sing alongside other fans in the halls -- it was a very fun experience for me. Since the concert ticket also came with stage access, I was able to learn more about voice actors and anisong singers during the stage events. That had become invaluable information so in the years to come after that, anytime I did not get the concert tickets, I would make sure to get the stage access. I hope to attend AFA should we be able to.


The latest AFA was the best for me because I could experience it from the comfort of my home! Also, this was my first AFA, so it was a very interesting experience -- particularly the introduction of a virtual host ZEA. I found that I enjoyed the two segments presented by J.Clair the most, because I like travelling and learning about foodie spots (more delicious Japanese cuisine YAY!), and cultural places in Japan where "the road is less taken" by tourists. Also, the activities were fun, and it was cool to relate some of the anime and games I've watched and played, to cities and cultures in Japan. It was interesting to note Japan's marketing strategies embraced otaku culture and used it to promote tourism to lesser-known Japanese prefectures. Other than that, it was rather nice to listen to new J-pop music, and feature artists -- as I haven't kept up with J-pop music. All in all, it was a blast, and it was even from the comfort of my own home.

Anna Tan

My best AFA experience was in 2012 at Jakarta International Expo in Indonesia. I believe it was the first time AFA was ever held in Indonesia, and it was also my first time attending such a big event. The event was short -- only two days (1-2 September), yet it left me with good memories. I just couldn't believe I met some awesome communities, guest stars, and even some random persons that ended up becoming good friends. Even though it needed some improvement here and there, I thought it was still a great event to remember. Now here we are, meeting online through AFA Station TV. The 10 years really flew by that fast, didn't it? This year's event is still special to me because it's not about the place or physical experience, but our special bond that shares the same interest and dreams. Without that kind of spirit, our lovely event would not happen in our history. Lastly, I'll be waiting to meet all of you again when the pandemic is over. Thank you for fulfilling our dreams and cheering us up!


The best AFA for me was AFAID 2016. I've attended several AFA festivals before, but this was the first time I ever watched a live concert. I was having a hard time with my studies and career at the time. I flew for about 1000 kilometres to Jakarta the night before the festival day, without planning for any accommodations at all. I slept at the airport until morning then proceeded to the venue. I got the lucky ballot for Maaya Uchida's signed poster, which delighted me so much because she was the main reason I attended the concert! I had many great experiences with the exhibitions, mini-stages and performances. The concert was awesome too with Lia, bless4, Maaya Uchida and Nano doing outstanding performances. After the live concert was over, I proceeded to a nearby mosque for some rest and flew back home the next day. AFA has always become a satisfying experience for me, but this one was special for becoming my motivation during one of my hardest times. I'm forever thankful and hope to attend the next event someday.

For me, it was AFAID 2014, because, at this event, I could see the egoist's performance. Besides that, there were invited guests who I admired such as Danny Choo, who I look up to because I am a fan of Mirai Suenaga and bought her figure. There were other invited guests that I like, namely JKT48, and they are one of the reasons why I came to this event. There is an interesting story when I came to this event: I had a chance to meet my best friend, who was a lady I liked for two years, it's just that I haven't dared to confess my feelings to her. When AFAID 2014 was over, I chose to make up my mind and express my true feelings, but unfortunately, my love was rejected by her. When I came home, my feelings were really mixed, between being happy because I was able to come to the AFAID2014 event, and feeling sad because this event ended and my love was rejected.

Out of all the AFA events already held, my favourite is AFAID 2017. This was the first AFA event that I attended. There I met so many people and met so many cosplayers. The event was so good and the guests were the real deal. I remember arriving at the venue at 6.30 AM and waiting until 10 AM. There were so many people waiting in front of me with joy and excitement about the event. I bought the expensive ticket so I can see the concert. When I stepped into the place, my heart felt so different, like "wow this is the world that I want". This is the most exciting part for me and motivated me to go the next year as well. And yeah, after becoming a senior, I also invited my juniors to go to this event the next year
Saddam Hermansyah

My best AFA was Creators Super AFA Fest 2019, held in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. I love CSF AFA Fest 2019 because they invited my favourite cosplayers Mon, Heyleydia, and Nekonoi Katsu, the guest Illustrator Loiza, and D-YAMA, DJ Soba and Vibetronic. I also enjoyed watching the drawing battle competition, doodling at Pop Team Epic Hall of Fame, and taking pictures together with the cosplayer contestants. I also bought some anime art prints from local artists' booths. I really love the Creators Super AFA Fest concept, where people can support local independent artists directly, and help make their name go bigger in this event. I am looking forward to the next Creators Super AFA Fest Surabaya, with more guest artists and an interesting lineup of international cosplayers!