Flamboyant outfits? Exaggerated poses? Androgynous looks? We’re not describing JoJo, rather it’s the upcoming anime “Fairy Ranmaru” — slated for release in April 2021. “Fairy Ranmaru” will be animated by Studio Comet, with the original story by Taiga Umatani of “RobiHachi” fame, direction by Masakazu Hishida from the “KING OF PRISM” series, series composition by Yuzuru Aoba, and character design by Shoko Nagasawa.

Starring Shogo Sakata, Kohsuke Tanabe, Yutaka Balletta, Taichi Kusano, and Akihiro Hori, “Fairy Ranmaru” is set in a mysterious bar in an unknown world, manned by a group of handsome boys who are really Gods or “Seisei” in disguise. They goal? To help you with your problems! The price? Your heart!