Via Comic Natalie: a completely new feature-length film “Macross Δ The Movie Zettai LIVE!!!!!!” from the latest instalment of the “Macross” series “Macross Δ” will be released in 2021, succeeding the TV anime which aired in 2016 and the digest movie version released in 2018. A new video has dropped teasing a new Valkyrie model taking to the skies.

The story of “Macross Δ The Movie Zettai LIVE!!!!!!” follows the story of the tactical music unit “Walküre”, which was instrumental in the ceasefire between the Kingdom of Windermere and the New United Nations Government; unbeknownst to all, shadowy new individuals have come to threaten the peace. Walküre’s new song “Walküre wa Akiramenai” is featured prominently in the new video.