The release window of the fourth season of “Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?” has been slated for 2022! A new PV has been dropped to tide fans over until the next season.

As a bonus, a special PV from S3 has also been released; the BD and DVD release of the OAV series has been set for 28th April 2021. Don’t forget to place an order with your favourite retailer!

“Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?” takes place in the fictional city of Orario, where gods live amongst humans who swear their allegiance and pledge to serve a single entity as part of a “familiar”.

Bell Cranel is a 14-year-old adventurer and the only member of the goddess Hestia’s familia. In spite of his inexperience, he works hard taking on dangerous missions in the massive Orario dungeons, gaining the respect of his fellow adventurers.