Hiroyuki Sawano’s solo concert “Sawano Hiroyuki LIVE [emU] 2021”, scheduled to be held at the Tachikawa Stage Garden in Japan on 13th and 14th February 2021, will be streamed to overseas audiences! This streaming event consists of two separate performances and is slated for 14th February 2021. Tickets are now on sale via https://bit.ly/SawanoLIVE2021!

*Please note that the timing of the streaming event will be different from the Tachikawa Stage Garden concert.

◆Event Information
Sawano Hiroyuki LIVE【emU】2021 feat. Tetsuro Araki

Date: 14th February 2021 (Sun) OPENS 13:00 JST / STARTS 14:00 JST
Featuring Music from TV Anime: ”GUILTY CROWN” / “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress” / “Attack on Titan”

Sawano Hiroyuki LIVE【emU】2021
Date: 14th February 2021 (Sun) OPENS 17:00 JST / STARTS 18:00 JST
Featuring Music from : ”Promare” (Medley) / A selection of songs from “Attack on Titan” / “The Seven Deadly Sins” / “GUILTY CROWN” / “Kingdom”, and many others

Piano: Hiroyuki Sawano / Guitars: Hiroshi Iimuro & Masashi Tsubakimoto / Bass: Toshino Tanabe
Drums: Makoto Fujisaki / Synthesizer: KOHTA YAMAMOTO / Manipulation: Mitsunori Aizawa
Violin: Koichiro Muroya / Cello: Yuki Mizuno / Horn: Otohiko Fujita

Guest Vocalists:Eliana / Gemie / Laco(EOW) / mpi

● Archive
Available until 16th February 2021 (Tue) 23:59 JST

Sawano Hiroyuki LIVE【emU】2021 feat. Tetsuro Araki Day Pass: JPY 3,500 (tax included)
Sawano Hiroyuki LIVE【emU】2021 Night Pass: JPY 3,500 (tax included)
Sawano Hiroyuki LIVE【emU】2021 Combo Pass: JPY 6,800 (tax included)

* Please note that if you purchase tickets for each show separately, you will be charged for the price of each ticket, and not the combo price.
** If you would like to watch both shows, please make sure you purchase a Combo Pass.

🎟️ Ticketing Link: https://bit.ly/SawanoLIVE2021

Available from 1st February 2021 (Mon) 12:00 JST to 16th February 2021 (Tue) 18:00 JST
* The Combo Pass will be available until 16th February 2020 (Tue) at 17:00 JST

● How to Watch
There are sample videos on each sales page before purchasing tickets; please check if you can play them smoothly.
When the event opens, click the “GET STARTED” button on each sales page to access the viewing page.
The recommended viewing specifications can be found on https://stagecrowd.live/s/live000/page_common/10021

● Customer Inquiries
Please send an email to https://n30k.com/s/nzk/form/inquiry (Japanese only)

● Notes
・ Before purchasing tickets, please confirm that your device fulfils the recommended viewing specifications found on https://stagecrowd.live/s/live000/page_common/10021.
・ Tickets will not be refunded due to changes in performer line-up.
・ The ticket purchaser can only view the concert on a single (1) device.
・ A stable internet connection is required to view the concert.
・ Please note that cancellations and refunds are not possible after purchase.
・ Downloading, recording, reprinting, copying, modifying, and posting of distributed content is prohibited.
・ Scheduled streams may be cancelled or changed due to unavoidable circumstances.