Via Famitsu: with the impending release of Square Enix’s “Bravely Default II” on the Nintendo Switch this 26th February, new details about the game have been revealed. “Bravely Default II” is the third game in the Bravely series, following the original game “Bravely Default” and its direct sequel “Bravely Second: End Layer”, featuring a new story and cast of characters.

Four new job classes will be introduced in the game: “Bastion”, a job with balanced offence and defence that can even create a shield for other party members; “Phantom”, a job with a high evasion rate that specializes in quick attacks using a dagger; “Arcanist”, a job that specializes in mass spells that hits all enemies; and “Hellblade”, a job that involves equipping a cursed blade that deals high damage in exchange for putting the player at a disadvantage.

New game systems called “Counters and Jammers” as well as “Consecutive Battles” have also been introduced. Certain enemies and bosses will have “Counters” against certain attacks and “Jammers” against certain buffs; players can strategise to take advantage of an enemy’s “Counters” and “Jammers” to make defeating them easier. Meanwhile, “Consecutive Battles” lets players string together multiple battles on a single set of Brave Points, increasing the number of Job Points they can earn with each additional fight.

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