Vis Comic Natalie: the TV anime adaptation of Gaku Kuze’s “Uramichi Oniisan” will start its broadcast run in July 2021, and just dropped a bombshell of an announcement with the voice actors slated to play the main cast: Hiroshi Kamiya will play Okota Uramichi, Tomokazu Sugita will play Tobikichi Usahara, Yuichi Nakamura will play Mitsuo Kumagai, Mamoru Miyano will play Iketeru Daga, and Nana Mizuki will play Utano Tadano! That’s a LOT of money to spend on the cast — let’s hope the animation production, by Studio Blanc, does not suffer too much.

“Uramichi Oniisan” follows the story of Uramichi Omota — a man in his 30s who works as a gymnastics teacher for the kids TV show “Together with Mama”. In front of his impressionable young viewers, he has to pretend to be a happy and carefree young man. But once the cameras stop rolling, he shows his true personality: a miserable old fart who is pissed off at work and dissatisfied with his life.