Japanese online news outlet Comic Natalie was present at the press preview of “Sui Ishida Exhibition [Tokyo Ghoul ▶ ︎JACKJEANNE]“, opening at Sunshine City Exhibition Hall A in Ikebukuro today — 6th February 2021! The exhibition run until 7th March in Tokyo, and will travel to Fukuoka Asian Art Museum from 10th April to 16th May 2021. It will focus on two works: the “Tokyo Ghoul” series and the game “JACKJEANNE”; check out the amazing photos below!

The popular “Tokyo Ghoul” series is set in an alternate reality where ghouls — creatures that feed on human flesh, hide amongst the normal population, hunting humans in secret and evading the authorities. Ken Kaneki is a college student who barely survives a henious ghoul attack, only by having ghoul body parts surgically transplanted into his body. This turns him into a half-ghoul, and he must now learn how to control his ghoulish tendencies, hide amongst humans, and fight off both his ghoul and human pursuers who want him dead for various reasons.

The game JACKJEANNE features character designs by Sui Ishida, who drew down more than 160 original event illustrations, as well as character illustrations. Ishida is also in charge of setting the original story, game scenario, and world-building. “Jack Jeanne” follows the story of an all-male performance troupe Tamasaka, which runs the Univers Opera School where they train future members. MC Saki Tachibana is given special permission to attend the school so long as she performs well and does not reveal to other students that she is actually a woman.