Via Comic Natalie: Weekly Shounen Jump #10 released today — 8th February 2021, has launched a new title “Witch Watch” by author Kenta Shinohara of “SKET DANCE” and “Astra Lost in Space” fame. An award-winning mangaka, Shinohara’s “SKET DANCE” won the 55th Shogakukan Manga Award in 2009 for Best Shounen Manga, while “Astra Lost in Space” won the 51st Nebula Award in 2020 for Best Manga.

“Witch Watch” is a “magical comedy” that depicts witches and their familiars. Morihito — a boy with a unique power, was always afraid that his abilities would get people hurt and had concealed it all his life. Meanwhile, his childhood friend Nico who left for the city to practice magic, has moved back home, and they become entangled in each other’s affairs.