An original TV anime “Joran: THE PRINCESS OF SNOW AND BLOOD” will begin its broadcast run on 6th April on Nippon TV and associated channels. The show will star Suzuko Mimori, Shouta Aoi, Raychell, Ayasa Itou, and Chikahiro Kobayashi.

It will be directed by Susumu Kudo, with series composition by Rika Nezu, character design by Kano Komiyama, and animation by Tatsunoko Productions. RAISE A SUILEN’s new songs will be used as the opening and ending theme songs.

“Joran: THE PRINCESS OF SNOW AND BLOOD” is set in an alternate late 1800s Japan, where the country has developed its own energy source: the “dragon vein”. However, behind the rapid development of the city of Edo, a dissident organization Kuchinawa is trying to overthrow the administration.

Fighting against them is the secret organization Nue, under the auspices of the Tokugawa government, which was entrusted with exterminating the Kuchinawa. In the middle of it all is Sakiha Yukimura — whose family was killed when she was young, and is in search for Janome, who became an executioner of Nue.