The new season of the TV anime “How Not to Summon the Demon Lord” has been officially slated for 8th April 2021! Titled “How Not to Summon the Demon Lord Ω”, the main cast members Masaaki Mizunaka, Yu Serizawa, and Azumi Waki will be reprising their roles; in addition, Serizawa will also be singing the opening and ending themes.

“How Not to Summon the Demon Lord” tells the story of the demon lord “Diablo” — in reality, socially awkward office worker and avid gamer Takuma Sakamoto, who was summoned into another world by an elf and a Pantherian (or half-human, half panther). As Diablo, his magical abilities cause a binding spell to rebound off him and towards his summoners, making them his slaves instead.