Via Comic Natalie: a teaser PV has just dropped for the TV anime adaptation of Kumiko Saiki’s “Kageki Shojo!!“, scheduled for broadcast in 2021. The source manga is serialized in Hakusenshan’s Melody with the latest volumes #10 to be released on 5th November. The show will be directed by Kazuhiro Yoneda, with series composition by Nao Morishita, featuring character designs by Takahiro Kishida.

“Kageki Shojo!!” follows the story of Sarasa Watanabe, who dreams of playing the lead role of Oscar from Rose of Versailles onstage, and manages to get into the prestigious Kouka Opera Academy of Music. There she meets her polar opposite — the former idol Ai Narata, and together they face various challenges both in school and in their personal lives.