Via Comic Natalie: official photos of the new musical of Yana Toboso’s “Black Butler” have dropped! Titled “Black Butler ~Secret of the Public School~” (aka “Black Butler ~Secret of the Boarding School~”)! The show is scheduled to have its Tokyo run from 5th to 21st March 20201 at the Tennozu Galaxy Theater.

After its Tokyo run, the production will then travel to Osaka, with a run from 25th to 28th March at the Mielparque Hall Osaka, and another from 1st to 4th April at the Umeda Arts Theater Drama City.

“Kuroshitsuji” has been made into a musical seven times from 2009 to 2017, with the new edition based on the 14th to 18th volumes of the original manga. The musical cast is set to reprise their roles, with Toshiki Tateishi playing Sebastian Michaelis and Eito Konishi playing Ciel Phantomhive.