AFA (Anime Festival Asia) has just launched its namesake “AFA Station – J-Culture Entertainment Portal” this 06th March 2021, with its pilot episode on YouTube and AFASTATION.COM. The monthly magazine show will air during the first Saturday of each month, with the archived highlight reels to be aired on succeeding Saturdays for the rest of the month!

One of the premiere show’s highlights was a segment by the Japan Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (J.CLAIR), an organisation whose goal is to connect towns and cities in Japan to a worldwide audience, by introducing their distinct local food, products, and attractions!

J.CLAIR has invited NIJISANI ID talents Hana Macchia and Bonnivier Pranaja to go on a virtual tour and take a quiz on local places featured in popular anime.

Hana and Bobon as well as the rest of the viewers learned some interesting facts about places like Oyama City — where kumihimo braided ties similar to the ones featured in the hit anime “Your Name.” are a local speciality, and Tatebayashi City — the starting point of the anime “A Place Further than the Universe” which also featured Singapore.

The segment also shared videos on cosplaying for the first time and trying out anime voice acting in Niigata prefecture. Of course, it’s not an AFA stream without a trick question from Producer-san, featuring the famous suspension bridge in Chichibu City! To find out more about the places featured on the show, check out their official websites listed below:

Oyama City Website:
Kagoshima Official Tourism Website:
Chichibu Travel Guide:
Visit Gunma Tsutsujigaoka Park:
Trying Cosplay for the First Time in Niigata:
Trying Anime Voice Acting in NIigata:

We’ve saved the best news for last: J.CLAIR will be rewarding anime fans planning their next anime tour with goodie bags for six lucky winners! To stand the chance to win one, simply fill up the J.CLAIR Survey via The survey will end on 12th March 2021 — so join today!