Mamoru Miyano — a popular multi-genre artiste renowned for his work in anime, movies, theatrical performances, and dramas, will be releasing his 21st single “Transparent” on 26th May 2021!

“Transparent” is the theme song of “Fate/Grand Order THE MOVIE Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot Part II Paladin; Agateram” — slated for release in Japan on 8th May 2021, where he appears in the role of Bedivere. Fellow voice actor and singer Maaya Sakamoto is in charge of writing the lyrics for this song — so fans of both artistes shouldn’t miss this!

In addition to the new single, the BD/DVD of his online concert “MAMORU MIYANO STUDIO LIVE ~ STREAMING! ~” — held last 12th December 2020 will be also be released simultaneously on May 26th. Relive memories of his performance and check it out today!