Nana Mizuki has announced on her official website that she has given birth to her first child! An unofficial translation of her statement follows:

“I’m very sorry for announcing a personal matter, but I would like to report that I safely gave birth to my first child the other day. I was very nervous because I gave birth earlier than the expected date, but both I and the child are fine and everything is going well. When I hugged my child for the first time, I was moved to tears! I am very grateful to all my family members and the staff who have supported me so far, and to all
the fans who have watched over me.

From now on, the days of struggling as a mom will begin, but I would like to do my best in my work as well as taking care of myself. I would appreciate it if you could continue to watch over me warmly!

Mizuki also announced her marriage as well as her pregnancy last year.