Upcoming TV anime project “MUTEKING THE Dancing HERO”, which announced its production and auditions for its lead vocal cast in 2019, released new information about its cast, staff, characters, and teaser visuals today.

The original “Muteking The Dashing Warrior” hero/comedy anime by Tatsunoko Production aired from September 1980 to September 1981. It featured a young protagonist who transformed into the hero “Muteking” to fight evil aliens in a city modeled on San Francisco in the 1980s. The fantastic performances of Muteking unexpectedly battling with song and dance, and the innovative world view represented by his distinctive costume of flashy primary colors and roller skates, attracted enthusiastic support from children at the time. This new project “MUTEKING THE DANCING HERO” remains faithful to the spirit of the original while generating new enthusiasm with a boldly updated setting. Set in Neo San Francisco, it is not a “remake”, but a stylish, chic work that should properly be viewed as a “reboot”–creating a new anime culture for the new era.

The new MUTEKING project features legendary figures from the earliest days of the animation industry, including Hiroshi Sasagawa as the project’s executive director and Ryosuke Takahashi as general director. They are joined by Yuzo Sato as director, who has received international acclaim for his 3D animation and CGI work, and Utomaru (THINKR) as original character designer, an illustrator active in the pop culture scene whose trademark is richly colored artistic expression. Yuji Kondo also joins the project as series writer, and has been involved with popular Japanese television projects such as “Another Sky” and “Oshareism”. In addition to these elite creators, Tatsunoko Production and Tezuka Production will combine their decades of animation production experience to bring the new MUTEKING to life.

The cast includes brand-new voice actor Kentaro Mashiro, winner of the MUTEKING male voice actor auditions held in 2019, making his major role debut as the main character Muteki, as well as industry greats including Takuya Eguchi as Muteki’s buddy DJ, Satoshi Hino as Ceo, the head of a major IT conglomerate in Neo San Francisco, and Rie Takahashi as Aida, a young girl aspiring to become an idol in whom Muteki becomes romantically interested. With both new talent and veteran experience, this impressive vocal cast will realize the MUTEKING world for a new generation.

The city-pop world of Neo San Francisco will be brought to life by the project’s strong focus on its featured musical artists and soundtrack. Musical contributions from generation- and genre-spanning artists such as Takeshi Ueda (AA=), ORANGE RANGE, KALMA, SANABAGUN., Naz, Reol, Akiko Yano, and Rinne Yoshida will liven up the MUTEKING world.

The new MUTEKING project, a “fabulous science fiction hero love comedy,” will enchant both fans of the original “Muteking The Dashing Warrior” and the anime fans of the current generation and bring them both to a new era of animation. Fans can look forward to the series’ broadcast in Autumn 2021.