The production of the TV anime “Tokyo Babylon 2021” — a reboot of CLAMP’s popular manga “Tokyo Babylon”, has been officially cancelled with the discovery of plagiarised costume designs, leading to a loss of confidence in animation studio GoHands by the show’s production committee.

Announced in October 2020 and slated to begin its broadcast run in April 2021, it was discovered that several costumes shown on the characters’ official profiles — including an onmyouji uniform by male lead Subaru Sumeragi and a streetwear outfit by his twin sister Hokuto Sumeragi, were direct copies of a doll costume from ball-joint doll company Volks and a photoshoot of Yeri from female K-pop group Red Velvet respectively.

After discussions with CLAMP, the production committee has decided to start over with a clean slate, along with a formal apology that roughly states “CLAMP’s important work will be released as soon as possible with a new team so that fans can enjoy it from the bottom of their hearts”.