Tokyo-based BIG WEST and Los Angeles-based Harmony Gold USA have announced an agreement on the global licensing and distributions rights of the legendary Macross and Robotech series, putting an end to an over 20-year disagreement. The comprehensive deal was signed on 1st March 2021.

The official announcement from the Macross site is shown below:

Tokyo based BIGWEST CO.,LTD. and Los Angeles based Harmony Gold U.S.A. announced an agreement regarding the worldwide rights for the legendary Macross and Robotech franchises. This expansive agreement signed by both companies on March 1, 2021, ends two decades of disagreements and will allow Bigwest and Harmony Gold to chart a new path that will unlock the great potential of both the Macross and Robotech franchises worldwide.

The landmark agreement immediately permits worldwide distribution of most of the Macross films and television sequels worldwide, and also confirms that Bigwest will not oppose the Japanese release of an anticipated upcoming live-action Robotech film. The agreement also recognizes Harmony Gold’s longstanding exclusive license with Tatsunoko for the use of the 41 Macross characters and mecha in the Robotech television series and related merchandise throughout the world excluding Japan. Moving forward, both parties will cooperate on distribution regarding future Macross and Robotech projects for the benefit of both franchises.

As proof of the partnership already taking effect, UTA MACROSS SUPER DIMENSION 3D LIVE TOUR 2021 MACROSS F can now be viewed on the official Macross YouTube channel. It was originally only available for viewers in Japan.

We’re looking forward to more Macross releases worldwide very soon!