Via Famitsu: Level 5’s bestselling game franchise “Ni No Kuni” will be releasing a new smartphone titled “Ni no Kuni CROSS WORLDS” for the iOS and Android platforms. Pre-registration starts today 14th April, with special bonuses in store for players who sign up early.

Developed by the same team behind “Lineage 2 Revolution”, the game boasts of high-quality 3D graphics, as well as music by Joe Hisaishi — the famed composer who has worked on Studio Ghibli films as well as previous “Ni no Kuni” games.

The “Ni no Kuni” series of games were created by renowned Japanese gaming studio Level-5, which collaborated with Studio Ghibli to produce the game’s animated sequences. In turn, Studio Ghibli asked their longtime collaborator Hisaishi to create music for the game series.