The 24th film in the long-running animated adaptation of Gosho Aoyama’s manga is here in Singapore! “Detective Conan The Movie: The Scarlet Bullet” is set during the international sporting event World Sports Games, hosted in Tokyo. When high-ranking members of the organizing team start to disappear and reappear under mysterious circumstances, Conan and his friends spring into action.

Our team members were lucky to be part of the fans screening for “Detective Conan The Movie: The Scarlet Bullet”, organised by SEA distributors Odex. Check it out below!

Detective Conan The Movie: The Scarlet Bullet

The Detective Conan series has been famous among various levels of anime fans. Even though I personally have not watched or read the series for a long time, the elements of crime-solving mystery make it a good standalone movie for first-time watchers.

I came into the cinema with the expectation that Conan would be able to solve the case and save the day. but as I was watching the movie, his quick thinking and deductions were still very impressive, action scenes were cool and flashy, and the way that the plot progressed made sense for a Shounen Sunday manga.

Long time fans can also catch nostalgic elements such as the iconic anime theme song along with Conan’s explanation of how he got into his current situation, as well as their favourite characters, riddles, jokes, roles that they play, gadgets used, and how the interactions of the characters bring back many different memories for those that have watched it.

Big names were there with their cool sets of skills bringing together fun and exciting interactions especially with the Akai family which this movie revolves around.

The romantics at heart can look forward to some cute yet bittersweet interactions between the main hero and heroine of the series of Conan being Ran and Shinichi, and other romances in the movie as well.

The stage of the movie was set in between the bustling cities of Japan – Tokyo and Nagoya. As a result, there were many iconic buildings such as the Nagoya TV Tower and Oasis 21, as well as intricate details of the hustle and bustle of the city which aided in providing such a great atmosphere to the movie. This is further elaborated in how the producer of the movie uses real-life environments, buildings, and places to get inspiration for the movie, as seen in the credits scene of the movie.

Lots of smart Japanese wordplay in the movie, and the title as well. For those that know Japanese, Detective Conan has a lot of good Japanese puns and riddles that may be fun for them to see and possibly solve.

Overall, the movie went beyond my expectations, and I just might continue to read the manga to find out more about these interesting characters.

Overall Rating


The general release of “Detective Conan The Movie: The Scarlet Bullet” will start 22 Apr 2021 (Thursday) onwards in Singapore, featuring Japanese audio with English and Chinese subtitles. The movie will screen at CATHAY CINEPLEXES, WECINEMAS, and EAGLEWINGS CINEMATICS islandwide.

⏰ Date: 22 Apr 2021 onwards
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