The hit animated adaptation of the “Slayers” light novel series is celebrating its 30 Anniversary (!!!) with a two-day concert featuring popular female lead Lina Inverse, voiced by legendary seiyuu Megumi Hayashibara! Lina will be performing as a 3D avatar in a virtual venue, so fans with VR headsets can tune in with their devices for the complete experience!

The 7th May 2021 performance will be streamed over XWorld VR Chat, while the 8th May 2021 performance will be streamed via Twitcasting — the concerts will both commence at 21:00 JST.

With only 200 tickets available for each performance, fans must ballot for the chance to buy tickets, by sending in applications for either (or both) the XWorld VR Chat concert or the Twitcasting concert until 26th April. If you’re lucky enough to land one, each ticket is priced at JPY 3000 (tax included). Don’t miss it!