Via Famitsu: go (virtual) camping with the girls from Afro’s outdoor leisure manga “Yurucamp△” in “Yurucamp△ Have a nice day!” — out on the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch on 30yh September 2021! You can choose from a variety of locations such as “Lake Motosu”, “Fumoto Campsite”, “Eastwood Campsite”, “Takabotchi Plateau”, “Shibire Lake”, “Jinmagatayama Campsite”, and “Fujinomiya City” that appeared in the TV animation. You can also visit “Tanukiko Campsite”, which is only in the manga!

The limited-edition sets of the game are also bundled with a “Choro-Q Shima Rin & Scooter” and an original soundtrack. Reservations can be made at game shops and online stores in Japan starting 23rd April.

“Yurucamp” follows the adventures of two girls: Rin Shima and Nadeshiko Kagamihara, who become friends and camping buddies, after Nadeshiko gets lost in the forest and finds refuge stumbling upon Rin’s campsite. They are soon joined by other girls and have a relaxing time sitting around the campfire in the great outdoors.