KLab Inc. has received an official license from Team Shanghai Alice to create a spin-off based on the “Touhou Project” for worldwide distribution. The game is currently being jointly developed with DOBALA GAMES in Shanghai.

The official simplified Chinese title for the game has been announced as 弾幕幻想 with the official English title as yet undecided. The simplified Chinese version will be published by Gave game for Android and 37 Interactive Entertainment for iOS. Starting Monday 26th April, pre-registration for the game will begin in Mainland China.

Progress on future development and publishing in other distribution areas will be announced when available.

About “Touhou Project”

The “Touhou Project” is the name of the series created by the doujin circle Team Shanghai Alice and set in the fictional world of Gensokyo. The core of the series is the bullet hell shooting game genre and is produced by ZUN who runs Team Shanghai Alice. Almost everything from the story, characters, programs, and sounds were created solely by ZUN. In addition to the shooting games, ZUN has also written novels and original manga has been produced based on the series.

The setting of the series, Gensokyo, is a world isolated from this one, where different races such as fairies, youkai, demons, ghosts, and gods as well as humans and animals all reside. The unique character stories, beautiful barrage brought to life in the games, and the catchy songs continue to be popular and attract numerous fans not only from Japan but all over the world.