Via Comic Natalie: the main cast of the the TV anime “NIGHT HEAD 2041” — based on the TV drama “NIGHT HEAD” aired in 1992, has been announced! The show will star as Daisuke Ono Naoto Kirihara, Nobunaga Shimazaki as Naoya Kirihara, Takahiro Sakurai as Takuya Kuroki, and Kensho Ono as Yuya Kuroki.

“NIGHT HEAD 2041” will be broadcast on Fuji TV “+ Ultra” from July 2021. The show will be written by George Iida — who was the director of the TV drama, directed by Takamitsu Hirakawa, featuring character designs by Oh! great, and will be animated by Shirogumi.

“NIGHT HEAD” tells the story of the Kirihara brothers Naoto and Naoya, who have lived a difficult life due to their supernatural powers. In “NIGHT HEAD 2041”, they are joined by another pair of brothers Kuroyi Takuya and Yuuya, who share the same fate.