All 12 episodes of the TV anime “Isekai Picnic” will be streamed for free on Sony Pictures official Youtube channel (restricted in certain countries and territories) on 1st and 8th May 2021, to commemorate the release of the show’s first BD boxed set. All episodes can only be viewed for 24 hours, with episodes 1 to 6 released today 1st May at 19:00 JST, and episodes 7 to 12 to be released on 8th May also at 19:00 JST.

“Isekai Picnic” follows the story of college student Sorawo Kamikoshi, who can open “doors” to other worlds where urban legends are brought to life; Sorawo nearly dies in one of these worlds but is rescued by Toriko Nishina. Sorawo and Toriko, plus another girl named Kozakura, bring back artefacts and defeat the monsters of the Otherworld — but are increasingly becoming affected by the horrors they have encountered.