Via Comic Natalie: additional cast members have been announced for the theatre adaptation of Yoshida’s “BANANA FISH“! Joining the two leads Kenta Mizue and Kurumu Okamiya are Asahi Uchida, Masanori Tomita, Yuusaku Kawasaki, Taizou Shiina, Yuuki Saotome, Hiroki Sana, and Shouichirou Akaboshi.

The play will be split into two, with the first part scheduled to be performed at the Tennozu Galaxy Theater in Tokyo from 10th to 20th June 2021. Fumiya Matsuzaki will be directing, with Masafumi Hata in charge of the adapted script.

BANANA FISH tells the story of two lives intertwined by both love and violence. Ash Lynx is the adopted heir to an Italian crime family, one of the gang’s most talented contract killers, and favourite plaything of his “father” and head of the family. Eiji Okamura is a naive young man and injured former athlete, who arrives in New York to apprentice with a photographer covering street gangs.

Their fateful meeting and the subsequent relationship becomes the pivot by which Ash’s former gang affiliations and Eiji’s once normal civilian life soon revolve around.