Tomohito Oda’s comedy series “Komi Can’t Communicate” will be adapted into a TV anime series this October 2021. The hit series from Shogakukan currently has 20 volumes in print, and ranked #1 in the 2020 poll of the top manga that fans would like to see animated. The show will star Aoi Koga as the uncommunicative beauty Shouko Komi and Gakuto Kajiwara as the “Komi whisperer” Hitohito Tadano.

“Komi Can’t Communicate” follows the story of the stoic beauty Shouko Komi, who just transferred to a new school and immediately becomes one of the most popular students. She rarely speaks with her classmates, giving her a reputation of being unapproachable. But little do her classmates know, it’s because she’s socially awkward and can’t communicate.

In other news, you can purchase the first eleven volumes of the manga in English via — check it out!