Via Comic Natalie: animation director Shingo Natsume’s new original animation project “Sonny Boy” has announced its cast: top seiyuu Aoi Ichikawa, Saori Onishi, Aoi Yūki, and Chiaki Kobayashi!

Best known for his work on “ONE PUNCH MAN” and “Space Dandy”, Natsume’s “Sonny Boy” will be produced in cooperation with MADHOUSE, featuring character designs by “Stop!! Hibari-kun!” manga artist Hisashi Eguchi. The show will be released in Japan on 15th July 2021.

“Sonny Boy” is a science fiction ensemble drama featuring 36 boys and girls thrown out of their peaceful everyday existence. Nagara and his classmates — who are in the third year of junior high, are left behind in school when it suddenly begins to drift into a different dimension. He and the class must now learn to survive in their new existence while harnessing their newfound powers.