Via Comic Natalie: a special event dubbed “HoriMiya Exhibition” has been announced to commemorate the completion of Daisuke Hagiwara’s “HoriMiya”, which is based on HERO’s “Hori-san to Miyamura-kun”. The exhibition will be held from 22nd July to 2nd August 2021 in Tokyo, and will subsequently travel to Fukuoka from 23rd to 31st July 2021, and finally to Aichi from 7th to 29th August 2021.

“Hori-san to Miyamura-kun” follows the story of Kyoko Hori — a bubbly and well-liked high school girl, and her classmate — the sad and introverted Izumi Miyamura. Little do other people in their school know, Hori is actually a domestic-type who does chores and takes care of her sibling, while Miyamura is a rebellious type who wears piercings and has tattoos. When they discover each other’s real personalities, they help each maintain their secrets from the rest of the class.