Zombie Land Saga Gaiden: The First Zombie,” an official spin-off of the TV anime “Zombie Land Saga,” has started serialisation on the June issue of Ultra Jump — out 19th May. The manga is written by Kasumi Fukugawa, the character designer of the TV anime series, and revolves around the story of high school student Eikichi Hyodo — whose onion-growing family is able to suppress demons using onion sorcery, and is somehow connected to the legendary “Zombie #0” Tae Yamada.

Zombie Land Saga follows seven already-dead girls who get resurrected as zombies by a mad producer. Many of them are former idols, celebrities, and they even have an Edo-era hostess. Together, the producer forces them to become idols (while hiding the fact that they’re still zombies) to save Saga Prefecture. The current season, “Zombie Land Saga Revenge”, is available for free on Viu Singapore!