A new multi-media idol project “STATION IDOL LATCH!” has been announced, based on the 30 stations that make up the Yamanote Line — Tokyo’s busiest and most important train line. Starring top seiyuu such as Kensho Ono, Atsushi Tamaru, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Tetsuei Sumiya, Masahiro Ito, and Ryota Aoyama — more to be announced, an animated show, manga, games, and novels are currently being planned for release.

“STATION IDOL LATCH!” is part of the “AAO Project” by AOI Pro., Amuse, and Origamix Partners to develop and produce original IP with various creators. With the cooperation of the Japan East Railway Company, all the idiosyncrasies of the Yamanote Line’s thirty stations will be personified by thirty unique idols, who will work as station staff and liven up the metropolis of Tokyo and the rest of the world.