Voice actor Yui Ishikawa — best known for her roles as Mikasa Ackerman in the TV anime adaptation of “Attack on Titan” and as Violet Evergarden in the eponymous TV series and films, has announced on her official Twitter her marriage to someone who is outside of the animation industry.

A partial and unofficial translation follows:

To everyone who has always been supporting me so far,

I, Yui Ishikawa, would like to announce that I have married someone I have been with for quite a while.

My partner is someone from outside the industry, is a shy and timid person, and is a wonderful person who supports me so that I can always laugh like myself.

I am still inexpereinced, but I am always grateful, and would like to continue making an effort to do the the job I love the most, and bring smiles to many people through my work.

As a person and as an actor, I will do my best so I can grow more, and I’d be delighted if you can keep warmly watching over me.

Thank you for your support always. I hope to count on your continued support.

Congratulations, Ishikawa-san!