Via Oricon News: the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 has been a huge hit with gaming fans — actually, everyone who loves Japanese pop culture, thanks in part to the selection of game music played during the introduction of the national teams. Here’s a list of the tracks they played:

“Eldrick’s Theme” from “Dragon Quest”
“Victory Fanfare” from “Final Fantasy”
“Sorey’s Theme ” from the “Tales of” Series
“Proof of Hero” from “Monster Hunter”
“Olympus Coliseum” from “Kingdom Hearts”
“Frog’s Theme” from “Chrono Trigger”
“First Flight” from “Ace Combat”
“Royal Capital Majestic Grandeur” from the “Tales of” Series”
“Setting Off Breeze” from “Monster Hunter”
“Robo Theme” from “Chrono Trigger”
“Star Light Zone” from “Sonic the Hedgehog”
“eFootball walk-on theme” from “Pro Evolution Soccer”
“Main Theme” from “Final Fantasy”
“Guardians” from “Phantasy Star Universe”
“Hero’s Fanfare” from “Kingdom Hearts”
“01 ACT 1-1” from “Gradius”
“Song of the Ancients” from “NieR”
“Saga Series Medley 2016” from the “Saga” Series”
“The Brave New Stage of History” from “Soulcalibur”

Add them to your workout playlist now and feel like an Olympic hero!