Via The Asahi Shimbun: animation studio GoHands has sued King Records in Tokyo District Court for JPY 450M in damages over the failed “Tokyo Babylon 2021” anime series. Scheduled to premiere this year, “Tokyo Babylon 2021” was cancelled after GoHands was discovered to have plagiarised costume designs for the show.

According to the complaint, GH undertook the production work from King Records and delivered 13 episodes by the end of November 2020. The total production cost of JPY 314.6M was scheduled to be paid in instalments from December 2020 to August 2021. However, GH claimed that the contract was unilaterally cancelled in January 2021, after the first payment was received from King Records.

In addition to the outstanding amount of JPY 281.6M, GH is also demanding payment of JPY 171.82M for episodes 14 to 21 — which King Records also commissioned, and GH had already started production. King Records has not made an official statement regarding the suit.