Via Comic Natalie: the third season of the TV anime “Honzuki no Gekokujou” will be broadcast in the spring of 2022! In anticipation of the upcoming season, the rebroadcast of the first and second seasons on TOKYO MX and BS Fuji in October 2021 has also been announced.

Its full title “Honzuki no Gekokujou: Shisho ni Naru Tame ni wa Shudan o Erandeiraremasen” is quite a mouthful, but the plot is straightforward and engaging. It follows the story of Urano Mototsu, a book-loving college student and soon-to-be librarian. She dies during an earthquake when she gets buried under an avalanche of books. With her dying breath, she wishes to be reincarnated somewhere where she can surround herself with books forever.

Urano soon discovers that she has transmigrated into the body of a five-year-old girl named Myne, in an alternate world where books are considered treasures owned only by the rich and powerful. Myne decides to take matters into her own hands, and build her dream library from scratch.