Via Comic Natalie: to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the manga serialization of “Kuroshitsuji”, a special exhibition travelling titled “Kuroshitsuji Exhibition -Rich Black-” has been scheduled for Tokyo, Osaka, Hyogo, and Ishikawa. Seiyuu Maaya Sakamoto and Daisuke Ono — the voices of series protagonists “Ciel Phantomhive” and “Sebastian Michaelis” respectively, visited the Tokyo exhibition prior to its opening.

The Tokyo Leg will be held from 13th to 31st August 2021 at the 8th Floor Event Square of Natsuya Ginz, followed by the Osaka Leg from 30th October to 28th November at Osaka Prefecture Hirakata Park Event Hall I, the Hyogo Leg from 26th December to 5th January 2022 at Kobe Hankyu Main Building 9th Floor Exhibition Hall, and the final Ishikawa Leg from 18th to 30th March 2022 at the Korinbo Yamato 8th Floor Hall.

“Kuroshitsuji Exhibition -Rich Black-” expresses the world view of the work, based on the concept of “Rich Black” — a colour that is darker than black. It will feature illustrations, original drawings, and serialization manuscripts by author Yana Toboso, looking back on many famous scenes from “Kuroshitsuji” — such as the “Akashitsuji”, “Circus”, and “Luxury Liner” arcs as well as the latest arc “Memories of Blue”. Limited edition exhibition goods will also be on sale.