To commemorate the impending release of “Macross Δ The Movie”, a “Macross Δ Blu-ray Box Walküre Edition” will be released on 28th September 2021 — featuring an original box illustration by character designer Chisato Mita (CAPCOM).

In addition to all 26 episodes of the main “Macross Δ” series are bonus videos such as edited footage of Walküre’s 1st live concert and interview footage focusing on Walküre. “Macross Δ Blu-ray Box Walküre Edition” will also come with a bonus “Valkyrie Photobook” with 68 pages of illustrations, photographs, and interviews with the members of “Walküre”.

The box is priced at JPY 29,700 (tax included), with special tokuten items depending on the retailer you purchase from, such as Amazon, Animate, A-on STORE, or BicCamera (Sofmap). For more details, check out the special “Macross Δ Blu-ray Box Walküre Edition” site.