Via Comic Natalie: two official spin-offs of Gosho Aoyama’s “Detective Conan” — Mayuko Kanba’s “Hannin no Hanzawa-san” and Takahiro Arai’s “Zero no Nichijou”, will be getting animated adaptations. A teaser video has been released to accompany the announcement — check it out below!

“Hannin no Hanzawa-san” is a comedy series that centres on the daily life of “Hanzawa-san”, the suspicious black figure that represents the unknown criminal in many a chapter of “Detective Conan”.

Meanwhile, “Zero no Nichijou” shares the adventures of triple-agent Rei Furuya of the National Police Agency, or Tohru Amuro of Cafe Poirot, or Bourbon of the Black Organization — depending on who you ask.

More details will be announced soon — stay tuned for more!