The original TV anime “Ancient G’s Frame” will be dropping 12th October on TOKYO MX and BS Nippon Television! Written by Osamu Yamasaki — the director of the “Hakuouki” and “ACTORS -Songs Connection-” series, the sereis will star Rie Takahashi, Aya Suzaki, Hiromi Igarashi, Kaori Ishihara, Arisa Nakata, and Ayana Taketatsu.

“Ancient G’s Frame” is a science fiction tory set in a world where a mysterious giant life form, the Nergal, invades from space. A young girl Reika Minamimiya joins the AG unit fighting against Nergal, in order to find her missing sister. She pilotee the humanoid ancient robot weapon “G’s Flame”, while overcoming her own issues and conflicts with others.