“Gundam” director Yoshiyuki Tomino’s “BRAIN POWERD” will be releasing its first BD box on 29th March 2022! “BRAIN POWERD” is an original anime broadcast on WOWOW in 1998, the show featured mechanical designs by Mamoru Nagano (“The Five Star Stories”), character designs by Mutsumi Inomata (“Windaria”), and music by Yoko Kanno (“Cowboy Bebop”). A special 108-page booklet will be included in the BD box release.

“BRAIN POWERD” follows the entwined stories of Hime Utsumiya and Yu Isami — teenage pilots of living organic mecha known as AntiBodies. They are part of the crew of the battleship “Novis Noah”, which fights against “Reclaimers” — a paramilitary organisation doing research on the alien spacecraft “Orphan”. “Orphan” crashlanded on Earth and has become the cause of major natural disasters, and the “Reclaimers” want to use its power for its own ends.