Via Comic Natalie: NON’s “Hare-Kon” manga will be made into a TV drama, to be broadcast on ABC TV’s “Drama+” starting January 2022. “Hare-Kon” was serialized in Young Magazine in 2014. The main director of the drama is Takashi Ninomiya — who worked on the drama “Yurucamp” series. The show will feature three directors in all: Takashi Ninomiya, Kana Yamada, Yui Matsuzaki.

“Hare-Kon” follows the story of Koharu, a young girl who has been cheated on by three boyfriends in a row; disgusted, she leaves Tokyo and moves back to her hometown. Upon arrival, she discovers that the family business is on the brink of bankruptcy. A local man Ryunosuke Date offers to bail them out if Koharu marries him, and will become part of his polygamous family. Strangely enough, their town has allowed polygamy to combat a declining birthrate.