Via Comic Natalie: Shinichi Ishizuka’s “BLUE GIANT” will be adapted into a feature-length anime film, slated to be released in 2022. “BLUE GIANT” was first serialised in 2013 at Big Comic, and currently has 10 collected volumes.

In addition to being selected as 3rd place in the 2016 Manga Awards, “BLUE GIANT” also received the 62nd Shogakukan Manga Awards for the general releases, as well as the Grand Prize at the 20th Japan Media Arts Festival Manga Division.

“BLUE GIANT” is a story about a boy, Dai Miyamoto, who is fascinated by jazz and aims to become the best jazz player in the world. The second part “BLUE GIANT SUPREME” set in Europe ran from 2016 to 2020, and the third part “BLUE GIANT EXPLORER” set in the United States is currently being serialized.