Via Comic Natalie: a live-action film adaptation of Kousuke Ohno’s “Gokushufudou” (“The Way of the Househusband”) is scheduled for release in early summer of 2022! The cast of the live-action drama adaptation — including popular Japanese actor Hiroshi Tamaki as the eponymous “househusband” Tatsu and Haruna Kawaguchi as his wife Miku, will be reprising their roles.

“Way of the Househusband” (“Gokushufudou”) tells the story of Tatsu — a notorious former yakuza boss who gave up his life of crime to be a dedicated househusband for his career-oriented wife Miku. This often gives rise to comedic situations, given the contrast of his intimidating appearance with his domestic tasks. There is also the added complication of his former yazuka allies and enemies intruding into his new life of managing a household.