UNIVERSAL MUSIC ARTISTS, Aoni Production, MOVIC, and Pixiv have just launched a new idol project “Heavenly Helly“! The project will feature an original screenplay by Erika Yoshida, with character designs by Q7, and music by FAB-EL and lyrics by Takahito Uchisawa.

The angelic group “FAB-EL” will be composed of characters voiced by Yudai Mino, Shou Fujisawa, Kaito Takeda, Taichi Kusano, and Akitaka Tanaka. Meanwhile, the demonic group “Inferno Teller” will be composed of characters voiced by Shogo Sakata, Keita Azuma, Saku Hinata, Shu Nobe and Yumasa Sato.

Finally, Hikaru Midorikawa will be participating as a secret character. Watch out for more announcements very soon!