King Gnu’s latest single — titled “Ichizu”, will be the theme song of the upcoming film “Jujutsu Kaisen The Movie 0”, a theatrical anime adaptation of Gege Akutami’s mystery-horror manga “Jujutsu Kaisen“. The film will be premiering in Japanese cinemas this 24th December 2021.

“Jujutsu Kaisen The Movie 0” covers the “Cursed Child Arc” in the manga, and follows Yuta Okkotsu as he enrols in Tokyo Jujutsu High to unravel the curse on his childhood friend Rika Orimoto. Rika died in a tragic traffic accident and became a vengeful cursed spirit that haunted Yuta all the way into high school.

“Jujutsu Kaisen” tells the story of Yuuji Itadori, an athletic high school student who joins his school’s Occult Club to avoid being forced into his school’s track team. He lives alone with his grandfather, who upon his deathbed asked Yuuji to “always help people”. When the Occult Club he belongs to accidentally unseals a cursed item — a rotting finger, Yuuji swallows the finger to protect his friends.

Yuuji becomes the host of Sukuna, a powerful Curse — but despite his demonic possession, Yuuji is still able to control his body. Yuuji is condemned to find and consume the rest of Sukuna’s fingers, and be executed in order to destroy Sukuna for all eternity.