Via Comic Natalie: the TV anime adaptation of Kenjiro Hata’s “Tonikaku Kawaii” (also known as “Fly Me to the Moon” in English) will be getting a second season this 2022! The original cast members will be reprising their roles, including Akari Kito, Junya Enoki, Yu Serizawa, Sumire Uesaka, and Konomi Kohara.

“Tonikaku Kawaii” tells the story of Yuzaki Nasa, who was saved from a near-fatal traffic accident by a mysterious girl. When he confesses his love for her, she promises to be with him only if they get married first — and promptly disappears for three years. Upon her return, the girl — named Tsukasa, has the paperwork to formalise the marriage and live with Yuzaki as husband and wife.