Via Comic Natalie: Netflix has announced a TV anime adaptation of “Kakegurui (Twin)“, a spin-off based on Homura Kawamoto and Katsura Saiki’s original series. Broadcast is slated to start in August 2022, with production to be undertaken by the renowned studio MAPPA. Minami Tanaka — who also played “Mary Saotome” in the TV anime adaptation of “Kakegurui”, will be reprising her role.

“Kakegurui (Twin)” is currently being serialized in Square Enix’s Gangan JOKER, centred on the “Kakegurui” character “Mary Saotome”. Set a year before Yumeko Jabami transferred to Hyakukaou Gakuen, it depicts Mary’s struggles with her “friends” while being at the mercy of the school’s gambling rules that determine student rankings.