Via Comic Natalie: WIT STUDIO newest animation project “Vampire in the Garden” will be streamed worldwide exclusively on Netflix this 2022. “Vampire in the Garden” will be directed by Ryoutarou Makihara, alongside deputy director is Hiroyuki Tanaka, featuring character designs by Tetsuya Nishio. Megumi Han and Yu Kobayashi will star as the two main leads Momo and Fine.

“Vampire in the Garden” is a story about a human girl, Momo, and a vampire queen, Fine, who travel together in search of a “paradise” where vampires and humans can live together in harmony. After losing the war against vampires and wiping out most of their settlements on Earth, humans decided to build a wall of light in a small city, to protect themselves and increase their chances of survival.

Momo chafes against her walled existence and strives to coexist with their vampire enemies, and has a fateful encounter with the vampire queen Fine — who loved humans.