Yu Shimizu’s “Rokuhodo Yotsuiro Biyori” will be made into a live-action TV drama Nozomu Kotaki of Johnny’s WEST. The show will be broadcast from January 2022 on TV Asahi. The “Rokuhodo Yotsuiro Biyori” manga has been serialized in Shinchosha’s seinen manga magazine “Go Go Bunch” since October 2013, and has a total of twelve collected volumes in print. A TV anime adaptation was also broadcast in 2018.

“Rokuhodo Yotsuiro Biyori” is set in a Japanese-style cafe named Rokuhodo, which stands in a corner of the city and is in charge of tea. It is staffed by four young men who not only serve great meals and amazing beverages, but also lend a helping hand and a shoulder to lean on.